Today I will be explaining why I chose DJI P4 over Mavic Pro. As an aspiring short film maker, it make sense to go with P4, especially if you are considering P4 pro in the future. There are my top 5 reasons why I have chosen DJI P4 over Mavic Pro:

1. Shooting 1080p at 120 fps for P4, whereas Mavic Pro only can do 96fps
2. Aftermarket price for P4 is very reasonable and even cheaper than Mavic Pro. Usually you get extra battery! (Note: P4 battery is compatible with P4 pro… see next point)
3. DJI P4 and P4 Pro accessories (batteries, propellers and charger) are compatible with each other; P4 pro is a great upgrade since it has 1″ camera sensor!
4. Autofocus on P4 is much more reliable that P4 pro and Mavic Pro; You can depend on its autofocus, whereas Mavic and P4 Pro, you may have to tap to focus.
5. P4 is more durable than Mavic Pro. Mavic Pro’s foldable arms are a life cycle of 5000! Check the DJI forum and DJI specs on this matter.


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