There are top five reasons why I am still keeping my Sony a5000 camera:
1) It comes with a Lithium battery that can be used with Sony A7 series, Sony a5000 series, and Sony a6000 series. The camera itself acts as a perfect charging unit, especially when attached to a battery pack system. This translates to infinite supply of battery power.
2) Good APS-C camera (only one step down from full frame camera)
3) Interchangeable lens system for excellent photo and video shots. Versatile especially when you enjoy using various lens (17-50mm to 200-600mm lens or prime lens).
4) HDMI connection to LED/LCD TV; Wifi and NFC for smart devices connection.
5) Holds its value when purchased second hand. Buy it at $250 and sell it at $220 or more a year later. The reasons are what I told you above.


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