Part 2: Today I will be rambling about why my HTC smartphone 8925 (a five year-old cellphone) is better than any current smartphone out there. It has features like touchscreen, GPS, keyboard, easy SIM card & microSD card accessibility, etc. In fact, I have two HTC smartphones (twin) since I like it so much; just in case, one got stolen and I still have a backup.

Does your super smartphone cost less than $100? An old cell phone´╗┐ is more cost-effective and environmentally friendlier. Upgrading can be a waste of money if you really don’t use the features. My HTC 8925 Tilt ($90) can pretty much do everything that iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s3 can do and costs 5 or 10 times less. Is your phone unlocked? Are you on contract? How much do you pay? These are the questions you need to think about before you go to buy the next biggest and greatest thing. Because, eventually, you will look for something better, but you know there is only one. It’s like a marriage. One and only device that you are committed to and falls in love with over and over again.


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