Introduction to Smartwatches and the types of smartwatches that you should be aware of. There are generally four types:
1) Type 1: Most popular- sync with smartphones via Bluetooth or wifi. Most need a smartphone to function. It does not have its own SIM card. For example, Samsung Gear Watch, Moto360 smartwatch, LG smartwatch, Pebble smartwatch, Apple Watch, etc.
2) Type 2: Popular among sports fans. Fitness functions. Count calories, pedometer, and/or GPS (no maps). For example, Samsung Gear Fit, Tom-Tom GPS smartwatch, etc.
3) Type 3: Android 4.0+ smartwatch with a built-in SIM card, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. It acts as a smartphone with a tiny screen. For example, ZGPAX S8, InWatch Z, etc.
4) Type 4: Mobile Watch- A smartwatch that dedicated to calling and listening to music. It has Bluetooth, SIM card, and microSD memory slot for music storage. For example Avatara Mobile Watch.


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