Recently, my uncle had a right hip fracture and had a surgery done on his hip. He now requires assistance to the washroom. The problem was that he has dementia and would try to get out of bed to the washroom on his own. To prevent another fall and bone fracture, I was asked about a device to help monitor his motion when he got out of the bed. The device I had recommended was a wireless motion sensor that was able to detect his motion and trigger an alarm from a distance (in another room). The loud sound is only heard on the receiver side so the person who carries the receiver will be the one who will hear the sound. In the video, for demonstrative purpose, the sound could be heard in the same room as the motion sensor. Normally, this is not the case as the receiver is placed in another room. The solution was simple and it worked perfectly! Now I felt a lot better knowing my uncle is safe again. Thank you Lord Jesus.


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