Today I will be showing you the world first colored smoke canon. A Never-Seen-Before device that I have made. It produces a colored smoke ring (green, red, yellow, or whatever colored dye you choose). You will need to make a small colored smoke module and inserted into the aluminum cardboard insulated canon canister. To see how to make a small colored smoke module go to this link:
Please follow the safety precaution. There is a heated element in this project, so please do all the experiments outside away from all living things and in a well-ventilated area. If you are 18 or under please get your parents’ permission. Safety is always first. Please ensure you carry all necessary precautions (fire extinguisher and water nearby).

Materials needed: 2 or 3-litre plastic container (wide and short) with aluminum cardboard inserted at the bottom portion of the container; elastic membrane to cover the open end of the container; masking tape; small colored smoke module.


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