dji phantom 3 standard drone for short film director filmmaker dream tool – Affordable Quality Drone

Description: Today I will be talking about DJI Phantom 3 Standard and how it can be used for short film making. It is most affordable drone with 2.7k video recording capability and with ability to do color grading for your film. Camera sensor...

How to fix, repair and diagnose AR Drone 2 damage the inexpensive cheap and easy way

Description: Today I want to show you how to diagnose and repair your AR Drone 2. When the AR drone is moving from side to side it is most likely due to the blade problem. The video shows you how I diagnose and... – Free Resources for sRPAS (Drones) Enthusiasts and Pilots in Canada

Where to fly your sRPA (Drones) in Canada? Resources for Basic & Advance RPAS Pilot Certifications:  1) 2) 3) 4) More to come... List of Approved RPAS or Drones certified by Transport Canada: More to come... Have fun and enjoy flying safely!  : )