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Jan 2017- DJI Phantom 3 with Sony QX1 APS-C Camera- World’s First DIY APSC Camera DRONE for Photography:

Dec 2016- DIY World’s Smallest APSC Camera with Android Smartwatch – Amazing Gadget You Can Built Yourself:

Oct 2016- Pocket Blaster V3.0- World’s First Smartwatch Music System controlled by Myo Armband:

Sept 2016- MistScreen DIY Fogscreen- World’s First Portable DIY Hologram-like mist screen or fog screen:

Aug 2016- How to attach Sony a6300 a5000 a7 a7r a7s ii mirrorless camera to a microscope in full HD quality:

Aug 2016- DIY 1600mm and 4450mm tele-zoom Telescope Lens for Sony NEX mirrorless camera a7 a6300 DSLR camera:

Aug 2016- World’s First Wireless Charging Palmtop computer – ePalmtop – Amazing Pocket PC Windows 7, 8, 10:

July 2016- How to make a real Matrix Effect in your environment space using Green Laser and Corn Starch:

June 2016- DIY Star Lord (Guardian of the Galaxy) Wireless Light Globe – World’s First Future Invention: