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How to program HTML (Lesson #2)

Lesson 2 of programming

So, here is a table that reviews everything from lesson 1 of programming. The green box is optional to learn.

Tag Where to place the tag How to use it
<html> Always first Just put it at the start always!
<head> Most of the time after the html tag Use it to… put JavaScript scripts and <meta> tags.
<title> Inbetween the <head> and the </head> tag. Use it to make words at the top(not at the field of the screen.)
<body> after the <head> Most of the things are in here(most of the time)
<meta> Before or in the the <head> tag. Mostly used for search engines.
<p> Somewhere inbetween the <body> tag. Used for paragraphs.
<h1>, <h2>, <h3> and all the way to <h6>. In the between the body and the end of body tags. These are for headings. If you don't know what headings are, click on here.

Anywhere after the <html> tag. Use it to make the text on separate lines.

This lesson should teach you the meanings of all the tags I used in lesson 1 of html. Hoped it helped! Now you can click on the links.

Go to w3schools.
Practice your script coding.



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