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How to program HTML (Lesson #1)

Lesson 1 of programming!

So, in this lesson you will be learning HTML which is the programming language I used to create this website. So, let’s get to it!!

The first thing you want to do is open up Notepad and you can get started!

Important to know:

  1. There is an opening tag (<) and a closing tag. (>)
  2. To end the tag, we put a /. For example,”</head>”
  3. HTML stands for Happy Telemarketing Made-up Language Hyper Text Markup Language.
  4. If you want to put JavaScript on it, you would have to do <script type=”Text/JavaScript”>
  5. Don’t do HTML programming if you don’t want to!
  6. So, type this on Notepad to start off.


    <title>(Your title)</title>

    <body> <center>

    <h1>Hello!</h1> &ltbr>

    <p>This is my first time doing html.</p> <br>

    </body> </center>


    Then, save it as ‘All files’ then name it (A random word here).html and then open it up as a browser. Click it, then you have a small tiny website!

    If you want to change it, change it, then save it, then click refresh. Hope it helps! Now, look at the example and click on the links.



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